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CNRT Yesterday and Today


A Comment by Acacio Angel
CNRT celebrated its fourth founding years with a National Congress on April 29-May2, 2011, after the party was founded in 2007. Many have criticized the party for being opportunistic in taking the advantage of FRETILIN party in its internal conflict back in 2006 and Xanana-center Party. Nonetheless the party went on leading the AMP government, survived from the threat of a fail coalition government and now able to overcome its single figure problem by welcoming more potential CNRT leaders.

After four years of hard work of its General Secretary, Mr. Dionision Babo, the party is now enjoying some sympathizers in villages and sub-villages, away from its national-centric party back in 2007. The party also now attempts to identify itself more to be the party of the people and the veterans by adopting Xanana’s wartime slogan “Liberta a patria, Libertara o povo (Free the land, to free the people) .”

Despite of these achievements, there are mix-opinions with regards to the party winning the 2012 election due two one external factor and one internal factor. The moving out of Grupo FRETILIN – MUDANÇA (GFM) and forming itself as a party is a challenge. GFM has been the inspiratory for the CNRT party for they were the founders of the party. It is timely now that if the court of appeal legalizes GFM to be a party, FRETLIN-MUDANÇA (FM), there can be a big hole in the place of GFM. Besides, welcoming new leaders from PD PST party can just add up to the anger people have to CNRT and the person of Xanana for protecting corrupt and opportunist leaders.

Regardless of the above challenges, CNRT has three determining factor they can count on. The image of Xanana as the father of development, honest and hardworking leader as well as free from corruption can win CNRT more votes in the coming election. CNRT can also count on the votes of the elderly and Veterans who have enjoyed monthly subsidies respectively. The welcoming of the new leaders like Bendito Freitas, Julio Tomas Pinto and Miguel Manitelo can be a twist of trust in the party sympathizers and militants that it has more choices for party leaders in the future.

The re-election of Xanana and Dionisio Babo as the party’s president and General Secretary can be the initial indication of a good election experience for CNRT party in the coming election in 2012.

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