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Dili, 5 October 2011

The former Commander in Chief of FALINTIL and current Prime Minister of TIMOR-LESTE Xanana Gusmão addresses a crowd of hundreds of CPD-RDTL supporters from 13 districts at Democracy Park (lapangan pramuka), in Dili earlier today.

A number of trucks commenced arriving in Dili from the districts sin two days ago as the commencement of a “peaceful demonstration” organized by CPD-RDTL. The National Police has been notified in advance and is providing security during the demonstration process.

The demonstrators were on the trucks carrying and displaying FRETILIN MOVIMENTO flags, the flag that the current FRETILIN of Mari Alkatiri and Lu-Olo claim to belong to them. FRETILIN issue a press statement earlier saying that “it has nothing whatsoever to do with this demonstration and the use of the FRETILIN flags are not authorized by FRETILIN”.

However the demonstration organizers claim that they are the true inheritors of FRETILIN and have all the right to use it and will confront anyone or group who stand their way. CPD-RDTL has persistently used the FRETILIN flag as their only symbol since the occupation years and has accused the FRETILIN of Mari Alkatiri as opportunists and power hungry people.

Although the FRETILIN of Mari Alkatiri and Lu-Olo has immediately requested the PNTL, and the PNTL agreed to act to prevent this from getting out of order, it simply cannot stop the convoy and the meeting from going on, as CPD-RDTL has obtained permission to demonstrate against some of the policies deemed against their political platform.

In a statement read by the representative of CPD-RDTL, Antonio Aitahan Matak, CPD-RDTL claim itself as the only and true inheritor of FRETILIN MOVIMENTO who fought Indonesia durnig the occupation and therefore it has all the rights to use FRETILIN’s flag. the statement also reads that the flag and attributes of CPD-RDTL are historic symbols carried by the movement since the resistance years and does not belong to FRETILIN ASSIMILADO, or newly born FRETILIN of Mari Alkatiri and Lu-Olo

FRETILIN regrets the confusion that has been caused by these incidents, however CPD-RDTL has not backed down and insisted that it is not in a position to set a deal with FRETILIN ASSIMILADOS of Mari Alkatiri and others.

In today’s meeting with the crowd, Xanana highlight the right to demonstrate and disagree but also asked the leaders and militants of the group to maintain stability and help the country to develop itself as an Independent nation.

Xanana was hailed as a hero at the democracy park when he arrived this morning and was received by all leaders of CPD-RDTL.

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