domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

Peacekeepers back from Timor Leste

Nov 3, 2010- Strait Times

Peacekeepers back from Timor Leste

SENIOR Staff Sergeant Low Voon Shiong had an emotional reunion with his wife and two children on Tuesday after a year-long tour of duty in Timor Leste.He was among 15 Singapore Police Force officers, who were part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, to return.

Senior Staff Sgt Low, 37, said he was very happy to be back after a year without seeing his wife, his three-year-old son Dillon and his daughter Denese, two. He had been posted to a remote area where he had been 'lucky to get through sometimes' on the phone.

'My kids are still young. I missed them very much,' he added, following the reunion at the Airport Police Division headquarters in Changi. The peacekeeping force was the fourth contingent sent to Timor Leste to maintain law and order, and train and strengthen the police force there.The first was sent in 2006. Timor Leste seceded from Indonesia in 1999.

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