quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

RT: Alkatiri and Dionisio Babo: Horta should not meddle with Political Party’s decisions on Presidential candidates

Dili - JND - Responding to President Ramos Horta’s suggestion that big Political Parties should not busy themselves with the presidential election but instead the Parliamentary election because the nature of parties are to govern, the General Secretary of FRETILIN as well as CNRT party reacted saying no one should meddle with the decision of political parties on presidential candidates because it is an internal affairs. “PR should no talk a lot because he has no support from other political parties. (In 2007) they all considered FRETILIN to be enemy and that was why they all join together and vote for him (against Lu-Olo). But if he dares, he can candidate himself, still there are many who sympathize him and probably vote for him,” said Mr. Alkatiri Wednesday (21/12).

When asked about PR Horta’s suggestion, the General Secretary of CNRT Party, Dionisio Babo said he agreed with Mr. Alkatiri saying no one should meddle with the internal decision of the Party because it is the party’s prerogative to make such decision based on democratic principles. “To me, whether or not the political party to decide giving or not giving its support to a candidate, that is a democratic case.

Hence, we cannot force a political party to do this or that. Instead, let the decision come from within the house of the party so that the people involved feel satisfied and feel that they also took part in the decision,” said Mr. Babo.

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