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CNRT is ready to be in the Opposition: Party to hold its National Conference in January 2012

Dili - A Member of the National Parliament from CNRT party, Arão Noé said that even though his party is confident to win the 2012 election, it is also prepared to play the role of opposition  if it does not get the majority seats in the parliament.

“In 2012 election, we believe we will win, and we will implement the plans we have had in hand. However, if we do not win, as the president of the party has said, we will stay as opposition. If a party gets less than 33 seats it could play the role of opposition, and this is a normal thing,” said MP Noé at the Parliament on Wednesday (21/12).

He added that the dream to win the election is the dream of every party but our party wants to win with an absolute majority,  that we can implement all the programs we have approved so far.

2012 January Conference

In the mean time, the party is gearing up for the coming National Conference which is due to take place between 7 and 8 of January 2012.

Arround 600 delegates from all over the country are expected to attend the national event, said to be the first ever gathering of the kind by a political party to decide on issues pertaining to national interest. Indeed, this will be a venue to discuss issues relating to the 2012 Presidential and General election. A number of key issues including approving the party's political platform and decision on endorsing presidential candidates will be discussed and decided by party delegates during the two day conference.

"This will be an unprecedented event in Timor-Leste where delegates of a political party convene in a National Conference to decide on key policy issues. The party will decide, among others, whether to choose a candidate of its own in the 2012 Presidential's race or to endorse the incumbent candidates," said the Secretary General of CNRT, Dionisio Babo recently.

CNRT has held its second National Congress in April-May 2011 to elect its leaders and to debate on party's internal constitutional issues. The January 2012 National Conference aims to elaborate further the party's political platform, its development agenda and its stance in the coming presidential election, an event unprecedented in the life of party politics in the new Nation.

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