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Dili – 29th June 2007

An Address from His Excellency, President Xanana Gusmao.

“Our blessed country has suffered much, its people have lost their lives because of our country’s destiny and the inalienable pursuit of freedom. Of those great, everyday heroes who fell throughout the decades, many without graves, their legacy now falls to the next generation who continue to face the same fears of death through a cruel twist of fate: from hunger, sickness, bombardments, and bullets.

“Our humble people have accepted unthinkable sacrifices in the name of independence, they have risen beyond fury and grief, disbelief and heartache - to stand united as a sovereign nation relentless in its pursuit of independence. Despite all hardship, the East Timorese continue the naturalistic instinct to strive for democratic plurality.

“For 24 years we strove to receive our god given rights as independent citizens through war, internment, destruction and devastation. We survived and we stayed true to our dreams.

“At the beginning of our journey, we stood alone as a people. It was a long struggle, fighting side by side as brethren against injustice, but slowly our fate was granted. With global acknowledgement after a heroic fight for what was just, and what was our divine right, we now stand united as a recognized independent country.

“Although we gained our independence, over the past five years we have struggled, once again, against a deep loss of spirit. Our newfound sovereignty has been fractured and challenged by a Fretilin parliament that bred contempt, nepotism, corruption and arrogance. The country’s leadership has created a culture of impudence, with disregard for humanity, ignoring the moral laws of civil liberties and impeding the democratic rights promised to our humble citizens at the heart of our young constitution.

“Because of this, CNRT was resurrected, to reconstruct all that is fundamentally unjust with our nation at the hands of the Fretilin leadership.

“I have traveled throughout the country, from the East to the West declaring my promise to reconstruct a rightful system that protects the poor from further hardship. To reform a government that is immobilized by inaction and to establish an administration system that reflects the true notions of rightful democratic doctrines. I reaffirmed my commitment to serve and not lead, to listen and not thwart, to engage in international dialogue seeking immediate relief to our weakest and poor. I vowed to access all avenues available to ease suffering, to rebuild systems under accountable and transparent judicial mandates, and to hold every elected and local official answerable to moral and ethical scrutiny.

“Assuming the role of Prime Minister upon election, my inherent duty would be to change the culture of governance in our great nation by promoting the fundamental principles of compassion, action and service. This would be teamed with radical reform, educating the assembly of due process, checks and balances, lawfulness and above all, progressive adoption of decentralization to enter a new era of compatibility between cities, districts and villages. I will work to establish a cohesive union of sovereignty based on the groundling principles of a free and fair democratic state - this is a national priority, and this should not be hard with a unified spirit of healing and reconciliation, reaching all aspects of our collective consciousness.

“We are only at the beginning of our journey as a young nation, we are buoyant and can overcome the obstacles created by the heartless regime of Fretilin.

“We have yet to embrace our unique culture and develop an infrastructure upon our natural and god given talents as a creative and strong race, driven from the soul of independence. We have yet to invest in our potential as a nation and embrace the foundations of industry, driven independently by our own citizens. We have yet to replace the fighting spirit with the entrepreneurial spirit, by investing in our local businesses. We have yet to foster a spirit of global confidence, attracting investment, import, export and tourism into our fledgling economy.

“We have yet to begin to achieve and strive for greatness, for we as a race collectively have achieved greatness once before, upon gaining our independence, and we as a race will achieve greatness once again.

“So as we enter into the legislative elections I say to the people of East Timor, I will not rest until every man woman and child in East Timor has received access to the fundamental necessities, from a government willing to service the needs of our valued citizens. The rights to food, shelter, access to clean water, electricity, sanitation, free education, medical facilities, living free of fear, protected against crime and corruption by a lawful and professional police force - these are the necessities we as a government are charged with ensuring.

“I will guarantee the sovereign pillars of our nation and will work tirelessly to protect all civil liberties and defend inalienable rights inherent upon birth. I will not rest until the next generation of leaders embrace the doctrines and values set forth in global free and fair democracies, and can represent our country with the pride of excellence in striving for what is just, eradicating the state of poverty and replacing it with a nation rich with development and progress.

“My opposition has said I will not face defeat, they are correct in that I will not face defeat in allowing impoverishment to continue through generations. I have campaigned for these basic principles throughout my life, as an elected official, a fighter for freedom and as a citizen; this has been my calling to my country and to God.

“These are my promises and the promises of the party that I represent, CNRT, whose tenancy will be one that will serve as a model for good governance founded on a strong moral and ethical compass and guided by the philosophy of honor and duty to self and to country.

“I call on all brave citizens of East Timor to vote with their hearts and vote for our future in a spirit of peace and unity.

“May God Bless Our Great Nation”

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